We brewed this light, delicate, Belgian-inspired ale to have plenty of flavor without plenty of alcohol.  This Belgian ale is the “lawnmower” beer of Belgium and a very sessionable style, unlike the higher gravity trappist styles are. Perfect for a bicycle ride through the Belgian countryside.
"Fietsrit" in Dutch means bicycle ride. In the Flanders' region of Belgium, the Flemish language (also called "Flemish Dutch") is the only official language of the area.  Flemish is a Lower Franconian / Dutch dialect. It is spoken by approximately 6.5 million people.      


Coming Soon
Fietsrit is coming soon to the Blue Island Beer Company taproom and local bars.

Style: Belgian Single
ABV: 4.4
IBU: 11.1
SRM: 3.7

SRM: 3.7
IBU: 11.1

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