The Sun-Standard is an American wheat ale with passion fruit.  It's an extremely refreshing and enjoyable beer that will be perfect for the warmer weather.  The low bitterness (14.5 IBU), and fairly simple base wheat beer allow us to showcase the special ingredient, the passion fruit.  One other note of interest about this beer is the hop variety used.  It is a recent variety grown in Germany in the famed Hallertau region called Hüel Melon, and has aromas of strawberry and honeydew melon.
The name of this beer references an old newspaper that was borne out of WWI conservation efforts that combined the existing papers the Sun and the Standard in 1918, and extending its publication into the late 20th century. It boasted that is was the only newspaper printed in Blue Island. (We certainly can understand the pride of being the only one of your business type in the city!)


Currently Available
Sun-Standard is currently available at the Blue Island Beer Company taproom and local bars.

Style: American Wheat Ale with Passion Fruit
ABV: 5.8
IBU: 14.5
SRM: 3.3

SRM: 3.3
IBU: 14.5

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