Golden Growler Club



We have poured over the details of our Golden Growler Club to make it a program that has real value for the customers we value the most.  GGC officially started Saturday 2/27/16, and continues to evolve and improve as we go along. Membership in our club gives you growler fills (even the stuff we normally say “no” to), VIP treatment for bottle releases and fests, exclusive “one-off” beers no one else gets but our members, and a private bash where our GGC has the entire run of the place. Sounds fantastic, right?!

Here are some of the details:

Growler Fills

Members are entitled to fill their 22ct gold printed Golden Growler up to twelve times free with any beer (under 7% abv, non-barrel-aged), each time using one of the twelve punches on their Golden Growler Card. Golden Growler Club members will have special access to purchase items on the menu not normally offered in growlers. The member simply offers one of their Golden Growler Card punches and the cost of the growler in exchange for the fill.

Tapping Parties

For each specialty beer we make, we will host a tapping party.  It usually entails us getting a few pizzas and tapping a small keg of the beer-of-honor.  We will be in the back “Brewer’s Lounge” area and our brewer will describe the beer and be on hand to pour you a glass. If it’s an unusually small batch that we’re tapping (as in a barrel-aged beer), we’ll still buy you a glass of it on the day of its release! Come in and show your card.

Bottle Releases

Don’t miss any bottle releases. Whenever Blue Island Beer Co. offers a bottle for sale, GGClub members will have the right to purchase two bottles for up to thirty days after the initial release.  No more freeing up a specific date, or standing in line to get the bottles you want. Members showing up on release date will get the full allotment of bottles offered, plus their two on reserve.

VIP Entry

Occasionally, we here at Blue Island Beer Co. will host a beer fest where we invite our brewer friends to come and pour their lovely beer at our establishment (Example – Sessh Fest). If you are planning on coming to the event (or have purchased tickets if a ticketed event) we will cordially invite our GGClub members to begin a little earlier to get the first offerings off the taps.

Secret Beer / Bottle Offerings

Have you ever wondered if there are things that breweries hold on to or experiment with that we never release? Of course there is! One of the great things about what we do is trying out some small batch idea or doing a variation in a barrel. We will make one or two of these available a year, exclusively to our GGClub.

Wrap-it-Up Party

Once a year, probably in February, we will hold a party to thank all our Golden Growler Club members for their patronage. Your Growler Card is your ticket to this event.  We will close to the general public and our GGClub members will have exclusive rights to our TapRoom and events of the evening.

Membership – $100