Mojo is my Co-Pilot

Mojo is My Co-Pilot combines flavors of tropical fruits and cotton candy, and is as vibrant in taste as the label is colorful.  We used Mosaic hops to yield fresh hop aromas from kettle and dry-hop additions, and kept the alcohol nicely situated in the background (rather than the foreground!) of this beer. Fruity-ester flavor is high, and the intention of this beer is to be consumed fresh as aged and oxidative characters effect the brightness of the hops.
This is our very respectful tribute to the great Mojo Nixon.  We have included a bio written by music writer Steve Huey which sums up his accomplishments, ups, downs, and sideways better than we could ever do.  We will say that Mojo Nixon's commitment to the working man, free will, righteousness, freedom of expression, reverence for music greats from all backgrounds, his IDGAF attitude (and sometimes his sophomoric humor) are what endear this larger than life persona to us at Blue Island Beer Co. Listen to the myth, the legend in our TapRoom and on Sirius channel 60.


Currently Available
Mojo is my Co-Pilot is currently available at the Blue Island Beer Company taproom and local bars.

Style: Imperial IPA
ABV: 11.0%
IBU: 75.1
SRM: 5.4

Beer Characteristics


75.1 IBUs