Every Cub Ever 2020: A Book Signing w/ Rick Kaempfer

Sunday, March 29th 2020 2:00 pm
Here's something for all you Southside Cubs fans! Join us and Author/Publisher Rick Kaempfer for a Cubrehensive guide to everyone who wore a Cubs uniform from 1871-2020! What will you find in the pages of Every Cub Ever? *Mini-bios of every player who ever wore the uniform between 1871-2018 plus bonus bios of Cubs managers, owners, broadcasters and more. *Stories about Cubs who served in every war since the Civil War. *Notes about players who were wearing the Cubs uniform on days of historical significance. *Stories of Cubs who achieved greatness and heroism off the field, including those who became movie stars, titans of industry, life savers, and even a few who served in political office. *Stories of those who received unwanted notoriety, including shooting victims, murderers, kidnappers, racists, burglars, thieves, and political criminals. *Tragic tales, uplifting tales, and hilarious baseball stories. *Spotlights on everyone from Hall of Famers to the guys who made it to the big leagues for just one cup of coffee.