LIVE MUSIC – PONTIAC // weaklung // the swabs // YOU DIED

Saturday, August 26th 2023 7:00 pm
Join us for a night of cranked amps, spilled beers, and high energy rock n roll. Featuring 4 Chicago bands who enjoy putting on a fist pumping show.
You Died (feat members of The Arrivals, The Tossers, and Mary Tyler Morphine) is a 4-piece hard rock band that combines the blues-guitar sensibilities of Queens of the Stone Age with horror/sci-fi themes reminiscent of The Misfits.
The Swabs a high energy noisy punk band from Northern Illinois that will put you against the wall.
Weaklung promises good times and bad vibes, with plenty of volume. This 4-piece Chicago rock unit harnesses the sweaty local noise rock of the early 90s, mixes it with muscular post-punk precision, and adds a hint of brooding melody to keep you bummed but moving.
Pontiac Chicago’s own angular punk rock juggernaut.