LIVE MUSIC – The Tromatons // S#!t-Bag // Fighting for Scraps

Friday, March 29th 2024 7:00 pm
Get ready for a Punk night that's so in your face it will "comb back your hair" as they say, but leave you wanting more.
The Tromatons are Tromaville's favorite Punk Rock And Roll Band!!! Based out of Chicago, Illinois and ready to Tromatize you beyond all belief, they are a band that plays a style of Punk Rock that is heavily influenced by b-movies, punk, hot rods, horror movies, pin up girls, and other assorted nonsense. What started off as a failed social experiment soon morphed into a grand display of punk rock awesomeness!!!
Fighting for Scraps are the hometown favorites from Chicago's southside. Honesty, Integrity, brotherhood, pride, and respect runs through these veins and is the foundation that shapes their unique and original sound. A sound that is raw and powerful with insightful lyrics to move your body and expand your mind.
Shit-Bag are a hardcore punk band hailing from Kenosha, WI